About Us

Digi Web Solutions is a passionate team of creators and strategists, here to help your business and brand make an impact with awesome content. We provide services in these areas Surrey, Abbotsford, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Delta, Whistler, Kelowna, Burnaby, Langley, Alberta etc!



It all starts with the brief. We ask the right questions to uncover the truth about why you need a new website or space on a social media platform and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. With clear objectives and outlining smart goals we can prepare a brief that can be used to build a successful website.
Understanding your target audience’s pain and passion points is key to developing an effective content strategy. It’s not just about a plan, it’s a roadmap to success.





A great idea can easily be lost when executed poorly. We won’t let those golden nuggets fly out the window and be missed by your audience. So instead of trying to tell you what we intend to build and hoping you understand our jargon, we build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how the solution will work.
We love to make stuff! So we go underground for a couple of weeks and make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to the whole world.